Cyber Security in 2019

Nov 6, 2019

It was a 32billion dollar industry in 2018. The mind boggles for what 2019 is.
It is a very very lucrative industry and businesses are getting caught out in NZ + Australia, THEN crying “poor me”…..too too late.
In the first quarter of this year, Australian Cyber Security statistics showed Medical and Dentistry as the most hacker hit businesses followed by the financial industry. NZ won’t be much different. Most of these businesses have poorly protected systems. They haven’t kept pace with cyber technology, so now they get used for target practice by the hackers.
It’s not about buying from a retail shop where the products are consumer biased…you need quality business grade solutions for your business. Spend on Quality, which gives Reliability and low maintenance usually too.
Don’t install consumer grade camera systems in a business – that’s crazy. There are even low quality business dodgy brands in NZ…still being installed too.
You need a switched on I.T person or I.T business to get you up to speed. You need to be PROACTIVE.
Take cyber protection insurance out too.
There are a small number of IT businesses who understand and care deeply about these issues.
The size of the I.T business does not equate to how good they are.
Its about Quality and Service.
These quality I.T businesses rapidly decrease the further one moves away from the cities…to the point where current technology firewalls are rarely seen and ancient antivirus systems are installed.
Sadly too many telco style modems are in use…just remember pay peanuts, get peanuts.
These issues are the tip of the icebeg, as more than this is required to be safe.

Technology marchs on at a fast rate….so do the hackers. Stay behind and get hit… good crying “poor me”.

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