Wireless in 2019

Nov 6, 2019

Many hospitality sites have 10 year old style wireless installations. The same setup continues to be installed. It’s actually cheap. Pay peanuts, get peanuts.
One or two antennas looking out from the office towards the motel units..Hoping for the best….She’ll be right they say…..Wrong!
Some places are still issuing vouchers to guests…..Really!
Some businesses have a mixture of wireless add-ons, instead of one harmonious system too.
Some just rely on the telco supplied modem.
Some wireless access points just pump max out, to cover up their inadequacies.
Every now and then one finds the wireless access point in the communications cabinet……which shows a huge lack of installer knowledge.

Wireless technology changes about every 3 years. So that’s approximately 3 changes in that time. Peoples cellphones change frequently. Mobile phones, tablets, notebooks perform well on new technology. People want performance. You don’t get that with old stuff.
Times have changed….Now there might be 5 WiFi devices per room. or even 30 in an office or more.

Quality wireless access points Perform…THEY ROCK in other words. They even interrogate where you surf.
There are wireless buttons that sense you and feed you info about what you are looking at.
Wireless can track you in a store, such that the store changes it’s stock position to maximise sales…at your peril.
Quality Internet is the #1 thing hotel\motel guests usually look for. Time to move on and get current….or start losing guests. Just remember though, as a guide, pay peanuts, get peanuts….

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