Dentist IT Services

GOAHEAD NETWORKS can provide many quality solutions for the dentistry sector.

There are secure quality WiFi solutions plus secure remote connections to sites and between sites for multi-site businesses.

WiFi is important for businesses but it must be done correctly with the quality manufacturers.
GOAHEAD NETWORKS only partners with quality manufacturers.

There is high quality 21st century synchronised email that sync’s between your mobile phone, tablets, notebooks and other devices.
It means you have the same email where ever you travel, domestically or internationally.

Cloud solutions for file sharing can be provided, but they are medical grade secure, which is so important.

Your external web applications need to have protection around them in the 21st Century. That does not mean ordinary web site logons.

Hackers love low quality installations.
The statistics coming out of Australia prove this. There is no mandatory reporting in New Zealand yet…
Cyber security is a big issue as many businesses are not compliant with today’s world.
Technology moves at a very fast rate. GOAHEAD NETWORKS can work with you.

Broadband access must be done correctly and securely, which is not your normal Telco modem.
There are other areas in a business that need to be secure too.
The ‘I’s have to be dotted and the ‘T’s have to be crossed, otherwise you are an easy target.

GOAHEAD NETWORKS also provides servers, quality printers, bar code scanners & printers, laptops that can be washed, VoIP phone solutions for office & roaming users and modern pabx systems, Bluetooth and USB adapters, medical stands to incorporate I.T needs and many many other things.

If there is something of interest that has not been listed on this page, please ask as a solution can always be found.