Cyber Security in 2019

Nov 6, 2019

It was a 32billion dollar industry in 2018. The mind boggles for what 2019 is. It is a very very lucrative industry and businesses are getting caught out in NZ + Australia, THEN crying “poor me”…..too too late. In the first quarter of this year, Australian Cyber Security statistics showed Medical and Dentistry as the… (read more)

Wireless in 2019

Nov 6, 2019

Many hospitality sites have 10 year old style wireless installations. The same setup continues to be installed. It’s actually cheap. Pay peanuts, get peanuts. One or two antennas looking out from the office towards the motel units..Hoping for the best….She’ll be right they say…..Wrong! Some places are still issuing vouchers to guests…..Really! Some businesses have… (read more)

Email – do it properly

May 13, 2018

Good quality email costs, but it brings everything in to work together harmoniously. Break a phone or pc or tablet….it doesn’t matter. Email remains safe. It’s called cloud email. We partner with a supplier who has 99.999% uptime and it’s in massive network rooms not in NZ. It’s filtered too, which is something many so… (read more)