2022-08 Cyber security

Aug 2, 2022

The I.T world changes daily, if not hourly.
Cyber criminals find new ways of attacking people.
Mobiles devices are being used as weapons to attack businesses networks from within…after all who puts antivirus on their mobiles…until it is too late.
A lot of email phishing is occurring. It’s now looking the same as a genuine email. When will the time come, when you ‘click’ too fast.
Employees are using the work network for personal BYOD or surfing use, therefore compromising the security of many networks.
Business wireless is being used carelessly, so the business mobiles use it, the employees own phones use it, the employees children use it. public use it. .. This is just plain wrong and asking for trouble.
Often businesses just use the telco supplied modems. This isn’t strong enough to protect you in today’s Cyber criminal world.
What about cameras….are you plugging them into your business network alongside the computers. How do you know if your camera is a banned one, due to hardware security flaws.

We are all about being proactive, before disaster gets a chance to strike.
So call and have a chat :))

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